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The Avocent SwitchView SC200 KVM switch series offers proven, secure access for any desktop environment where security is mandatory. With USB Common Access Card (CAC) reader support (available on the SwitchView SC200 switches), three levels of physical security, intrusion detection and controlled USB connectivity, you can consolidate multiple workstations of varying security classification levels with one keyboard, monitor and mouse without compromising network security.

The SwitchView SC200 switches allow desktop IT administrators to deploy a single CAC reader that will switch to all computers connected to the switch. (CAC support is required for all government employees attempting to log in to government systems and is specified in the Homeland Security Presidential Directive 12 [HSPD12].)

The SwitchView SC200 switches include three layers of tamper-proof hardware security at the desktop. In addition, SwitchView SC200 switches ensure that only USB human interface devices (HIDs) function on target computers by constantly monitoring all devices attached to the console ports. These switches ignore communication from non-HIDs (such as flash drives, hard disk drives, cameras and printers) when switching data to the target. In situations where the only USB port(s) for HIDs are enabled on the target computer, the SwitchView SC switch will not introduce security vulnerabilities. Main Specifications

Check the complete specifications for the product and you can also e-mail by clicking "E-mail". E-mail Specs Print Product Description Avocent SwitchView SC280 - KVM / USB switch - 8 ports Device Type KVM / USB switch - PS/2 Form Factor External Ports Qty 8 KVM Users Qty 1 local user Features Intrusion Detection System (IDS) Power AC 120/230 V ( 50/60 Hz ) Manufacturer Warranty 2 years warranty
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