Sony LTO3 400gb/800gb back-up mediaZoom

Sony LTO3 400gb/800gb back-up media

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Key Features for Sony 400/800GB LTO-3 Ultrium Tape Cartridge LTX400GWW The Sony LTX400GWW is an LTO-3 Ultrium tape cartridge. The LTX400GWW LTO-3 tape has a 400 GB native and 800 GB compressed capacity. Transfer rates for the LTX400GWW are 80 MB/s native and 160 MB compressed. The Sony LTX400GWW is one of the first tapes in which the A3MP (Advanced Alloy Armored Metal Particle) technology is employed. This coupled with the highly accurate servo signal technology ensures that your LTX400GWW tape has high output characteristics, is better able to withstand environmental conditions and due to super orientation technology the metal particles are aligned in the same direction to reduce noise and improve recording. Thus not only is the LTX400GWW more reliable, its performance is also much improved over other tapes. Like any other LTO tape, the LTX400GWW also features an LTO-CM (Linear Tape Open - Cartridge Memory). The LTO-CM allows for storage of cartridge related data and can be read with a cartridge memory reader, be it external or internal.
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